Marketing becomes more human.


FUSION is a marketing company which provides strategic planning,
purchase data analysis, creativity development and results measurement.


  • Consulting


    As our clients’ marketing partner, we help them with marketing-related problems and provide support for finding solutions through data-based consulting and meaningful CX (customer experiences). We provide one-stop support services ranging from formulating strategy proposals with CRM diagnosis using our independent frame to setting KPI, implementing measures, and verifying results.

  • Analytics


    For management as well as frontline staff, we provide solutions from a data aspect for a wide range of marketing issues. Combining multiple fields including customer data analysis and other statistical analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and marketing research, we visualize and analyze internal and external environments. To do this, we utilize a diverse array of data such as ID-POS, GIS, statistical information, and action logs obtained from various customer touchpoints.

  • Creativity


    To impress and inspire customers, creativity is essential. Through a diversity of measurable customer touchpoints—DM, Web, apps, social media, e-mails, in-store tools, etc.—we present proposals for creativity to provide meaningful CX (customer experiences). Furthermore, as a creative center we provide one-stop support ranging from creative campaign planning to year-round operational services.

  • Technology


    Marketing technology must be utilized in order to provide meaningful CX (customer experiences). Accordingly, we provide comprehensive support not just for the installation but also for the operation of systems for optimally implementing data utilization and CRM content distribution, including introducing platforms for centralizing customer data, designing analysis dashboards, and MA operations.

  • Operations


    Operations We provide support for marketing campaigns combining a variety of customer touchpoints-websites, DMs, social media, mobile devices, and apps, . From designing operations for campaigns utilizing customer data to actually carrying out operations, we support our clients related to marketing operations, leading to ultimate results.

Service Operations

  • POS Data Discovery

    POS Data Discovery

    Through our independently developed POS data analysis service “MD Partner,” we provide a POS data and ID-POS analysis package (trend analysis, store comparison analysis, and single item ranking analysis in 52 weeks). Providing analysis results for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to use in working out merchandising strategies with a shared awareness improves sales floors, product lineups, and pricing policies.

  • E-commerce


    E-commerce has become an essential sales channel. With regard to clients’ e-commerce businesses, we provide agency services for store manager duties, sales data management, and inquiries/contact services, providing support for total e-commerce operations.

Training Support


We supply the Japanese-language version of the DCFM* e-learning program accredited by the DMA ([American] Data & Marketing Association), which operates under the [American] Association of National Advertisers. Those who pass the completion examination after taking the basic module can receive accreditation as a certificate holder. *“DCFM” is the abbreviation of “DMA Certified Fundamental Marketer”.


Marketing Human Resources Training Support

Since the company’s establishment, we have been consistently providing support for our clients’ marketing activities. By transforming our diverse marketing knowledge and skills based on our track record spanning more than 30 years into educational resources, we provide support for clients’ in-house training and marketers’ skills improvement.



We help create a humane society characterized by communication and mutual consideration.


Our mission is to bring companies even closer to customers through the power of marketing


We, a marketing company, fuse data, technology, and creativity to generate meaningful customer experiences

Core Values

The MarketerDeliver to the heart. Move the mind.

In order to contribute to results and generate even more value, turn our eyes to people’s hearts, comprehend their changes, and never stop thinking.

FellowshipTogether, Onward.

Bonded by trust, show mutual respect and co-create.
Together, let us create new value.

BreakthroughBeyond 100% lies discovery.

Identify issues that no one else has addressed and suggest solutions.
Take the extra step and exceed expectations.


Company Name
FUSION Co., Ltd.
December 27,1991
Hidekatsu Hanai
Takuya Sasaki
Office Locations
4F Ito Building, Kita 4-jo Nishi4-chome 1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0004 Japan

Tokyo Office
7F Kojimachi Tsuruya Hachiman Building, 2-4, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan

Fukuoka Office
16F Nishinippon Shimbun Kaikan, 1 Chome-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001 Japan